Cinematographer and film-maker based in são paulo, working on films, commercials and music videos.

He loves to collaborate with directors about concepts and ideas for each project.

has extensive experience working with motion control systems, complicated technical setups and dmx lighting, as well as hand-held, natural light projects
with a minimal foot print.  

have free-lanced at major production companies in brazil such as vetorzero/lobo, o2filmes, hungry man, academia de filmes, KILLERS FILMEs and conspiração filmes.

have lensed some cannes, annecy and d&AD awarded projects such as 'war on drugo', psa 'autism speaks', johnson&johnson´s 'breakdance',
tim - 'soundemoticons'
and red ballon - 'how do we say?'

When not working, LIKES Sailing and surfing, climbing, playing guitar, traveling and getting to know art, music and diverse cultures.

Love exploring restaurants and food culture too.